ITunes Freezes when it Plays a Rented Movie

Now that iTunes allows you to rent movies, I decided to try out watching movies on a computer. I upgraded iTunes to on a Windows XP SP2 system and chose a couple of movies. When I tried to play them, though, iTunes froze. Fortunately, the CPU didn’t get taken over by the process. I searched for a solution and tried some suggestions in Apple’s support forum, including re-installing Quicktime. Nothing worked, though. I ultimately gave up and requested a refund using the “report a problem” link in the iTunes confirmation. My credit card was credited within a day of sending the email.

Now, I am ever so patiently waiting for a fix to iTunes!

Update 13 Feb 2011: The system that was having the rented movie issue recently suffered a fried motherboard, CPU & RAM. Before its death, I tried multiple iTunes updates, driver updates and endless tweaking. iTunes never played a rented movie. My new system is all-new hardware, including an Intel Core i7 860 processor, video card with ATI Radeon HD 4670 chipset, Windows 7 Professional and iTunes Video rentals are finally working on iTunes!


  1. Hi, I’ve had this problem and talked to applecare support who pointed me to this url:

    What I first did was create a new username in windows xp and downloaded the rental movie there and watched it just fine!

    So what I did was complete remove folders “C:\Documents and Settings\roby\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer” and “C:\Documents and Settings\roby\Application Data\Apple Computer” from the windows xp account that was broken. And now the rental movie works there too!

  2. Robinson,

    Thank you soooo much for your tip. I did not even create a new user – when I deleted the two folders it reprocessed my library and then it worked perfectly.

    I have been looking everywhere for an answer and this was it – thanks again!

  3. This will simply reset the Quicktime settings but dont fix the freeze problem in Itunes. If i disable the direct3d-acceleration in quicktime then itunes will freeze again.

  4. I am now up to iTunes 8.2.1 and have tried all of the suggestions above, but I still can’t play a rented movie on iTunes!

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