Excel got you down? Go back to VisiCalc!

Have you ever been frustrated with the complexity of Excel and the amount of disk space it takes up? Are you longing for the long-gone 1980s? Now, thanks to Dan Bricklin, you can revisit the days of text-based spreadsheets! Dan created the first spreadsheet program called VisiCalc. He has arranged to make it available on his web site for personal use. I couldn’t resist! I downloaded the software, all 27 Kbytes of it, and I was able to immediately run it on my Windows XP system. After a brief run through the reference card that Dan reproduces on his web site, I was able to put together my first VisiCalc spreadsheet. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full screen shot. It sure was great seeing a program written more than 25 years ago able to run on a modern system!


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