Gmail adds Forgotten Attachment Feature

How many times have you hit the email send button, only to realize seconds later that you forgot to attach an important file to the message?  I’ve done it too many times to count.  One of the interns on the Gmail team has come up with a feature that automatically detects if you have mentioned an attachment in the message, but not attached it.  A friendly warning asks if you mistakenly forgot the attachment.  That is a feature that should have been in every single mail program written since attachments first became available!


  1. Is it only me or is it really the case that this feature doesn’t really catches anything.

    I have got the feature enabled in labs and tried multiple time using attachment, Attachment, Attachment attached both in message body and as subject but gmail never gives any ‘friendly’ prompt.

    Am i missing something???

  2. I enabled it on my Gmail account and nothing is happening. I’ve put in references to attached files and attachments and I haven’t gotten any notification.

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