New Year’s Day on Paper

The first item on my 2013 to-do list was to replace the paper calendar on the refrigerator. Yes, after spending my entire post-college career working in the information technology field, I still use a paper calendar on the fridge. Am I a Luddite? No, I’ve found that paper often works better than technology. A paper calendar still works best for reminding the family what is going on today, this week and this month.

Despite all of the technology in my life, I still use paper in a number of other areas:

  1. The newspaper: Reading the paper in my living room is so much more relaxing than reading the news on a computer or tablet screen. The newspaper also has a bigger display.
  2. Magazines: I like to take magazines with me when I’ll be sitting around in a waiting area or while traveling. They are flat and easy to pack.
  3. Books: Again, I find reading a book more comfortable than reading text on a screen. The E Ink used on electronic readers does help, but if I have to do any note taking, I find it easier on a paper book.
  4. Printed photographs in an album: I’ve used digital cameras since 2003, but I still enjoy printing the photographs and putting them in albums. I like having something physical to look at and albums are easy to pass around at family gatherings.
  5. Greeting cards: I still enjoy sending and receiving greeting cards in the mail. There is still something exciting about opening an envelope and reading what your friend or family member has to say.
  6. Notepads: I like to store information in Evernote, but for quick note taking on the fly, nothing beats a pen and a pad of paper.
  7. Shopping lists: Using a smart phone or tablet for a run through the grocery store is unwieldy. Pen and paper still work best for me.

The best thing of all about paper is it never needs charging!

Are you a technologist who still uses paper? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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