Roll Your Own Web Host With AWS

I recently went through the process of switching web hosting providers for my WordPress blog. I did not consider using AWS mainly because I already had enough candidate providers and was trying to avoid decision fatigue. Now that I have been investigating the capabilities of AWS, I found that I could have set up my own web host on AWS!

There are easy-to-follow instructions for two of the most popular web hosting packages, cPanel and Plesk. I already had experience with cPanel on my web hosting provider, so I decided to give Plesk a try. Here is what I did to get a sample web page running.

  1. Set up Plesk using the published instructions.
  2. Figure out what domain that you want to use for your site. I set up a subdomain,, for my sample site.
  3. Open the Plesk control panel and select Websites & Domains.
  4. Click Add Domain.
  5. Fill out the form. Be sure to tick the box to encrypt the web page!
  6. Click OK, and before you know it, you will have a sample web page running on your domain!
The default Plesk web page.

Plesk and cPanel are designed to easily run many web sites. At the moment, I am only running my own web site, so both packages exceed my requirements. If you are responsible for a number of sites and want to roll your own web hosting control panel, give Plesk or cPanel on AWS a try!

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