Apple PR Miss and Hit

This morning I read about Ellen Degeneres’ iPhone commercial spoof. I couldn’t believe how Apple took a golden marketing moment and turned it into a PR disaster. Ellen poked fun at herself in the commercial, fumbling her way through a couple of text messages. Apple was offended, Ellen relented and apologized, sort of. The full commercial and pseudo-apology is below.

Apple could have just as easily showed up at the studio the next day with a stack of free hardware and come out the hero. Instead the audience had a laugh at Apple’s expense.

This evening it appears that Apple may have learned from its earlier mistake, as this next story about a woman who couldn’t purchase an iPad with cash illustrates.

Apple still better watch its step. As Ellen pointed out, IHOP could be considered part of the iPod, iPhone and iPad family. There could be a messy legal battle between Apple and the pancake maker in the works!

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