A Great Customer Service Story with Lego

Lego Dupo Locomotive
Lego Duplo Locomotive

Yesterday I was driving and listening to a discussion of the prevalence of poor customer service on the radio. I should have pulled over and called in to tell about a great example of customer service that I experienced this week. The locomotive on our Lego Duplo locomotive died, a sad victim of leaking batteries. Though no one in the house is young enough to play with it, we like to bring it out whenever any toddlers come to visit. And I admit, I enjoy running trains around the living room, too!

I figured I could find a replacement on eBay, but the prices on locomotives were running high enough that I decided to call Lego to see if they had a recent set with a compatible locomotive. The customer service rep checked on the computer and found they had the 10-year-old part in stock and shipped it to me at no charge. A week later, the locomotive is back in action!

I have had to recycle or trash countless devices because spare parts either weren’t available or cost more than a new replacement device. Lego not only had the part, but didn’t charge me for it!

The next time a four-year-old visits, we are ready for Lego railroading action!

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