Solved: Deleted file still shows in Android Gallery App

My Motorola Droid 2 Global running Android 2.3.4 had an issue where media files that had been deleted from the SD card were still showing up in the Android Gallery App. Much searching turned up a variety of recommendations that didn’t work. Fortunately, I was able to combine two recommendations into this procedure.

  1. On your phone, go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All Tab.
  2. Select Media Storage.
  3. Tap clear data
  4. Restart your phone. When restarting, the phone will scan for media on the SD card and reload all of the phone’s stock ringtones. If you don’t restart, you won’t be able to use the stock ringtones!

I originally found the advice to clear data on and I found, though, that those procedures made my phone’s stock ringtones disappear. Fortunately, I found the crucial final restart step in a different thread on

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