Who are those other kids in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?

Every Christmas for decades I have watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas“.  I always got a kick out of seeing the two twins dance.  I knew the names of most of the characters in the special – Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, etc., but I had no idea what the names of the twins were. 

Earlier this year, I finally found the answer.  While reading The Complete Peanuts 1963 – 1964, there were a number of strips that feature the twins and their brother.  Their names were 3, 4 & 5!  The characters didn’t last long in the strip, but they seem to have arrived on the scene just in time to make it into the TV special.

Here are links to some of the strips on GoComics.com.

September 30, 1963

October 1, 1963

October 2, 1963

October 3, 1963

October 4, 1963

October 17, 1963

October 18, 1963

October 19, 1963

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